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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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boston street. maria: this huge fires it in california. >> the hunt for the gunmen shooting up random houses. >> and thunderstorms still a possibility and when we will get that much needed break. maria: a treasure lost and found. >> the detective or getting it several people have been hit by a car on a boston street. and: let's get to john atwater on the breaking scene. john: a 10-year-old girl along with her father and a man in a wheelchair were all hit here tonight. the witness tells us they were walking out there on the median when they were hit by this car that is parked here on blue hill avenue. the car has a broken windshield
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say the girls father was seriously hurt with severe head and face injuries. this all happened new the corner of blue hill avenue. >> he drove up on the island. it looked like he was about to turn. he made a mistake, he made a wrong turn. for him to look like he is taking a turn, i do not know. >> some serious injuries but the victims are expected to survive. the driver did stay here. he was distraught after all this happened and police are continuing their investigation here tonight. we are live in roxbury. maria: a new round of storms moving in. ed: some areas are drying out
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behind me we have some activity into middlesex county. want to take advantage and show you what is happening because that is what is right upon us. there you can see it. we had a downpour through harvard moving to the northeast so when that most to the northeast it may grace through and later downpours around leominster and sterling. into northwest rhode island. we are keeping an eye on that as it moves toward franklin. we have the front itself which is back in this position. you can see the amount of lightning is diminishing some. it may hold together to some extent but definitely the greatest concentrations of vermont and new hampshire and maine. it still could produce a shower or thunderstorm overnight. that is what you're saying here and by the time you're waking up tomorrow morning most of the
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-- except for spot shower and we could see the skies start to brighton. the 70's and low 80's and impressively human and will stay that way all night long. the temperature will start to move up tomorrow. i will let you know i would point that humanity will start to drop and how things are looking for the rest of the week. dangerously close call for a woman in lowell. stray bullets flew in to her home and smashing through the wall and missing her by a couple of only victim. we have her story. shaun: lowell police are investigating three separate shootings from over the weekend, hers on monday would make the fourth. >> i heard for five pops. shaun: a string of gunshots flew across lowell and gunshots
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looked out and i seen a small white vehicle whizzing by. after the shots. >> another random bullet meant through this window as this 81-year-old was sleeping inches away. >> it took part of the side of the window, it took and made a whole in my curtain and it went right through there. shaun: gunfire left many worried but it is not scaring and. >> i think it was just some nut that goes around doing that. shaun: police say no one was injured in any of the shootings. its unclear if any are connected. ed the young runner found : murdered in princeton has been laid to rest. her killer still on the loose. family and friends said goodbye to vanessa marcotte at a church
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her mom in princeton when she was killed 10 days ago while on a run. hundreds of people including a bus full of her google co-workers, gathered to honor her life. >> every day was love. just a person who did not have an evil piece of energy in her. grexit will not put them at ease but will show them we are behind them. ed investigators have received : more than 600 tips, but no arrests have been announced. mato will go on trial for a double murder in boston's south end. the judge ruled today that jury selection will begin february 13. hernandez is charged with the murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado four years ago in the south end. the defense is already challenging the credibility of key witnesses. >> you do not want a witnesses testimony to be tainted in any
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in the interest of justice, everyone wants them to be able to describe what they saw and knew at that time. unfortunately the descriptions have changed. hernandez's lawyer says he will mariahernandez's lawyer says he will: file a motion to limit the testimony of witnesses who identify hernandez as the killer. ed for the first time this : season a person in massachusetts has been diagnosed with west nile virus. the department of public health says the patient is a woman in her 70's who lives in middlesex county. she's in the hospital. dph says there are more west nile virus because of the high temperatures and drought conditions we're experiencing. commitment 2016 tonight donald , trump making a promise tonight, pledging to reject bigotry, hatred, and oppression. maria he made the promise in a : facebook post this evening, writing in part i will fight to ensure that every american is treated equally, protected equally, and honored equally. it's a change in tone for trump, who has made controversial statements from the start of his campaign about mexicans, immigration, and muslims.
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election. mr. trump: i am who i am, it is me. everyone talks that you're going to pivot, i do not want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting you are not being honest with people. maria: trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing tomorrow in new york. ed the notes from the fbi's : investigation into hillary clinton's emails are now in the hands of the house oversight committee. last month, the fbi closed its yearlong investigation of how clinton handled sensitive information without finding evidence of criminal wrongdoing. the fbi director did call clinton's actions extremely careless. fbi notes are typically kept confidential. new hampshire's democratic governor is side-stepping a question about clinton. listen. >> to you think she is honest and trustworthy? >> i support hillary clinton for the presidency because her experience and record
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trustworthy? >> i think she has demonstrated a commitment to something beyond herself. ed: maggie hassan's campaign later clarifying that she does see clinton as honest. hassan is running for u.s. senate against republican incumbent kelly ayotte. and ayotte is also struggling with her party's nominee. >> i have actually said that i am going to be voting for him but i do have significant disagreements with him whi not be endorsing him. ed ayotte says trump should : release his tax returns saying the race is better if he releases them. maria nobody has volunteered. : so now the city is planning to force some boston police officers to wear body cameras in a pilot program. and that's despite strong opposition from the police union. the program was intended to be voluntary, but so far no officers have stepped forward. 100 officers are needed. despite the lack of volunteers, the mayor says the plan can move forward.
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that if we get officers we could take action. we have to get this up and running. maria: the police union claims that a non-volunteer program violates their agreement with the department. boston police commissioner bill evans says he hopes to begin the six-month trial on september 9. ed right now, : a state of emergency from this wildfire in california. 82,000 people are being told to get out of its way. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with just how fast it's burning. ben: it shut down a major highway. this one burning so fast it spread over 1,000 acres in 90 minutes. which means it would have consumed an area the size of the boston public garden in just 2 minutes. from this, to this in minutes. this is the blue cut fire, breaking out at 10:36 a.m., it devoured 11 acres a minute, quickly raging out of control in
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pass, closing i-15, the main road between l.a. and vegas. the flames closing in on the mountain resort town of wrightwood, home to 4500. but in northern california a big break. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damon anthony pashilk on 17 counts of arson. authorities charging damon pashilk with starting a fire in lake county that destroyed 175 homes and businesses over the weekend clearlake now being lifted. but residents are fuming. >> it makes me angry. so angry. >> if it was up to me, i would have him be in a place where he found a can of gasoline and a lit match and let things happen the way they happen. ben pashilk is believed to be : connected to several other fires in lake county, and once worked as an inmate firefighter while serving time for drug and weapons charges.
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suspected arsonist off the street and one who, we allege, started 17 fires. ben that blue cut fire, which : broke out today is tonight covering an area of 14 square miles. maria: 65 years later, the remains of a local war hero are finally home. a flag-draped casket carrying the remains of corporal ronald sparks rolled off a plane at logan. a procession then guided the remains to sparks' hometown of cambridge. sparks died at the age of 19 in a prisoner of war camp during the korean war and his remains were only recently identified from a dna sample submitted by his nephew. >> could you tell me how you felt when you get that -- got that phone call? >> my throat tightened my my eyes welled up, and i had to call back because i could not speak. maria sparks' family plans to
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about 7800 korean war veterans it is still trying to identify. >> next on newscenter 5. maria: a double dose of bad news for flood victims in louisiana. why cleaning up the damage may be even more difficult than many realize. harvey: updating the chance of storms and when we will start to feel a little more comfortable. maria: a treasured wedding ring lost and found. >> wednesday morning on the eyeopener, hackers hit again, this time targeting hotels. >> three ways to protect your money no matter where they start. >> and we are finally going to start to feel a change around here, wednesday, starting at
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter five at 11. maria: more rain in louisiana, adding to the misery of historic flooding, and some areas are still waiting for the the high
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30,000 people rescued. thousands are in shelters, and there many stories of narrow escapes. >> she called me, she was begging me, she said the water is coming up on us, we need rescue. >> right now i am wet -- i am really overwhelmed. this is tragic. maria: she did get rescued. at least 40,000 homes and business have been flooded, and here is a stunning figure, less than 20% of those impacted by this disaster have flood insurance. federal disaster aid. ed: the nation's second-largest car cover -- company is making self driving cars a top priority. ford said today it will have a fully autonomous vehicle. no steering wheel, no pedals. it will be on the road within five years. the car will initially be made for the commercial ride-hailing, and ride-sharing services.
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get that flumist. in june we told you about the cdc saying there's a lack of evidence that it works. but a canadian study says that judgement may have been too harsh. it found the vaccine does prevent the flu in children. it's possible that the canadian study could lead the cdc to re-evaluate its stand. new at 10 tonight, -- new at 11, lost and then found. this wedding ring is back on the right hands tonight. the woman, married 60 years, lost it weeks ago and thought it was gone for good. ed newscenter 5's jorge quiroga : reports, a total stranger into help. jorge talk about tenacious and : crafty detective work, the wedding ring's owner never reported it missing. the woman was beside her self, convinced she had misplaced it . a band of gold flowers back where it belongs on elaine caron's hand.
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: again, after 60 years of marriage, weathering life's ups and downs. four kids and eight grandchildren. do you remember losing it question mark >> i did not remember losing it. i look all over the house. jorge: nearly two weeks ago, the distinctive wedding band was found by a good samaritan after a senior day event at lynch park in beverly, eleaine and joe had been there, the ring was turned in. >>as jorge a persistent detective : noticed the couple's initials and a date may 19, 1956, barely visible after decades. >> knowing it was a wedding ring you went to the clerk's office and went through the marriage licenses and you were able to find a marriage license that was made out to someone with the initials. jorge the detective tracked the : caron's down, returning the wedding band. holding hands feels perfect, again, >> it means a lot to me.
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that i would like to prolong as long as i can. >> the symbolism is definitely back. it is so important. jorge: the carons say words can not express their gratitude, i think they did just fine. ed: i will second that. i know you will force that -- fourth that. shaun report was that a tree was down on malden street. this was in holden in worcester county and we have the picture to back that up. we certainly had some wall clouds and certainly some might have been starting to rotate but no tornado ever form that we are aware of four touchdown anywhere. that was fortunate during the course of this afternoon and evening. we have been watching weakening showers move through. can see the yellows and darker greens are moving through and
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not survive the trip toward maynard in concord. there is activity across northern rhode island and southernmost worcester county. that might nick mansfield. it does not look like it is intensifying actively at this time. also some may head toward plymouth. i have been getting some e-mails and different information from people in plymouth looking for some rain as so many of us are. so many he widespread. we have the cold front in here that has to come through overnight and until it does there is a risk of a shower or thunderstorm but it looks a chances of anything significant are greater throughout vermont, new hampshire, and maine. that is what we are seeing as we take you through the overnight
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we will see the clouds start to break the ape or get into the day tomorrow. and there is the story. a friend comes through. mid-day tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon it will start to become less humid that it is extremely humid out there now. 78 in boston. we are back to that soupy extreme humidity. very uncomfortable. temperatures are in the 70's and low 80's. we are in the oppressive range as for our -- as far as our humidity impact is concerned. that will start to slide and tomorrow afternoon. still very monday getting up early tomorrow. more comfortable later on in the still very warm but with lowering humidity it will feel a lot better. a little wave of low pressure is moving out south but another cold front will approach later thursday, might touch off a spot thunderstorm or shower in one or two spots, it looks like comfortable air will be here for friday in the start of the weekend. not very low in temperatures. tomorrow in the 80's but it will feel less humid in the afternoon. each in boating, increasing son
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breeze at 20 miles an hour and you have a lunchtime high tide. for east facing coastal areas. it turns less humid tomorrow afternoon and stays that way thursday although there could be a spot storm late and cooler for friday. friday night and early saturday. saturday warm but cooler at the beaches and sunday gets very humid again and maybe some significant rains could be here sometime early next week, probably holding off until after the weekend has taken place. thatho now. maria: a needham native is coming home with more olympic hardware. ed aly raisman's big night in
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maria: needham native aly raisman earned another medal today, on her final day of competition at the rio olympics. ed raisman won the silver in the : women's floor exercise this afternoon. it's her third medal during rio and her supporters were cheering her on at home. watch this. how cool is that question mark gymnasts at the gym where she trains in burlington held a watch party. they're inspired, but not surprised by her success. x i have seen her growth throughout the eight years that she has been training for both olympics and it has been amazing to watch her and very motivating. >> she is really good if you're having trouble with something, she can give you advice and she is always just there to cheer you up if you're having trouble or just be your supporter when you're doing your skills. ed: raisman hasn't said yet whether she'll retire after these olympics.
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that competed in the olympics at one point in time. mike: a guy who is making a name for himself. a name for himself. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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? yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? what are you doing? papi, i'm making sure cuppy doesn't burn. ? dunkin' iced, oh, yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? >> now here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5. his initials are mlb but the three letters associated with his name lately, mvp markus lynn
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tonight in baltimore as the sox take out the orioles 5-3. hitting the 28th of a year. a-rod had a no-hitter going into the inning but the second pitch, he felt something in his hamstring and wasted no time, took him out of the game. is just tightness. he said after the game he will be ok. the bupe runs to tie it at three until the eighth inning when betts hit another home run. this one a to run shot. is mlb the m.v.p. of the american league question mark i say yes. taking it to detroit. this happens at every level of baseball. that is justin verlander, a
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alex gordon of the kansas city royals, let's go to wrigley field, chicago. i want to show you a great effort by anthony rizzo, watch him go all the way. not only does he go up the wall, he stands on top of the wall and he has got it. if he was in rio he would probably get a 10.0 on the beam right here. i do not know if the wall is more than four inches wide but this is pretty good. lo american league standings look like this. the blue jays scored eight in the eighth against the yankees to win. the sox and orioles are a game behind. the blue jays, yankees a six and a half back. wildcard, the orioles and would -- red sox will be the two wildcard teams and meeting again tomorrow night in a great pitching matchup at camden yards.
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bears. this morning's pugilist was bryan stork who was given the boot. yeterday's ejectee, malcolm butler was back on the practice field. also back on the field, nate ebner. he's expected to be in full pads and participating. the question was posed in this manner today. >> i do not have add. we are trying to get them ready. jim is a priority but everyone is important. mike: i get that loud and clear. jimmy is the priority. we have not hit the regular season yet and he is in midseason for.
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hello. harvey: without daytime heating it should not be too bad.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- greg kinnear -- from the ufc, dana white -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and comedian dino archie. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hunker down, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to you program. thank you for watching.


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